Viking Queen

Historical Fantasy, TV Pilot

Series Logline: An illegitimate peasant girl fights to overcome trauma, betrayal, and male prejudice to become ancient Russia’s first queen. 

Cynisca Reborn

Autobiographical, Sports Drama, Short Script

(Purchased by Eleven One Productions)

A devoted grandson transforms his depressed and dying 90 year-old grandmother into a Senior Olympic bowling champion.

The Lucky Sixpence

Historical Drama, Adapted TV Pilot

Series Logline: A young English girl must make a harrowing journey across the ocean to seek a new home in the American Colonies fighting for their independence.

Soul of an Empire

Historical Drama, TV Pilot

Series Logline- In 250 AD, as war, plague, and poverty tear ancient Rome apart, society’s outcasts unite, save millions, and launch a moral and social revolution.

Optioned by Think Tank Films

Tales From Mysterion: The Hidden Island

Young Adult Fantasy,
Adapted feature length

A teenage boy journeys to a magical world to rescue his father from a race of evil creatures bent on enslaving mankind.

The Unholy Orb

 Supernatural, sports horror
feature length

An Orthodox Priest exorcizes a little league cult bent on ushering in the incarnation of a demonic, baseball deity.

The Hammer

War Epic, TV Pilot

Pilot Logline: A young goat herder attempts to become the first Jew to win Ancient Greece’s Olympic competition.

Series Logline: A Jewish revolutionary fights to save Judaism from annihilation by the Greek empire.

The Heroine of Hanukkah

Feature Documentary/Docudrama

A Jewish mother and her sons refuse to abandon their faith in the face of a sadistic, Greek king.

The Plague of Cyprian

Historical-Horror short

A disgraced Bishop finds redemption in the pit of Hell.

The Exorcism of Mary Magdalene

Short screenplay. Horror

Jesus Christ exorcizes a tortured woman.